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The 9 Main Return Metrics in Commercial Real Estate Infographic

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Why do you care?

  • We help beginners in commercial real estate...

  • avoid making bad investment choices...

  • by demystifying how professionals evaluate real estate investments...

  • so they can invest with confidence and really know how their investment can perform.


What Will You Learn?

  • About snapshot metrics like cap rate and cash on cash.

    • Those measures that only look at performance at a given point in time and only from operating income or cash flows

  • About total return, non-compounding metrics like profit and equity multiple.

    • Those measures that look at total, overall investment performance without accounting for the timing and magnitude of a major capital event like resale or refinance

  • About total return, compounding like IRR and present value.

    • Those measures that account for the time value of money

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