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The Top 9 Return Metrics in
Commercial Real Estate Loans

How do you know you’re paying the right price?

How do you know you’re choosing the right investment?

How do you know if you’re even using the right metric to evaluate that investment?

We help:

  • beginners in commercial real estate...

  • avoid making bad investment choices...

  • by demystifying how professionals evaluate real estate investments...

  • so they can invest with confidence and really know how their investment performs.

Apartment Complex


How Can You Use This Today?

Imagine you're at the movie theater and you need to pick a movie to watch, how would you? Would you use genre, movie duration, director name, image quality?  


In commercial real estate, return metrics help you systematically and quantitively evaluate, filter and make decisions about investment options.


After this course, you’ll be able to compare, rank, filter and decide between any number of investment options spanning every kind of investment strategy.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn what the main investment return metrics are in commercial real estate, how to calculate them, long-hand and in Excel, and how to apply them. 

  • You’ll learn about 3 main kinds of return metrics:

    • snapshots: those measures that only look at performance at a given point in time and only from operating income or cash flows

    • total return, non-compounding: those measures that look at total, overall investment performance without accounting for the timing and magnitude of a major capital event like resale or refinance​

    • total return, compounding: those measures that account for the time value of money

Can You Share Course Details?

  • Time of course (duration): about 1 hour

  • Cost of course: USD $49.99

  • Access to course: immediate and forever

  • Prior knowledge: none required

  • Course materials: upon completion, you'll receive a snapshot pro forma and a video walkthrough of how to calculate each metric.

My name is Alex

I'm part of a team that has invested in, underwritten, financed and developed billions in commercial real estate across the United States. 

I teach real estate for universities and professional organizations.

But most importantly, I get real joy when students tell me they learn and apply what I teach them.

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