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Cornerstone topics in commercial real estate
Cap Rate Thumbnail.png

What You Need To Know About Cap Rates – Part 1

Category: Fundamentals

The cap rate is arguably the most popular term in commercial real estate. Learn how this ratio calculated, how it’s applied and some of the...

Discount Rate Thumbnail.png

What Exactly is a Discount Rate (in Real Estate)?

Category: Fundamentals

In this episode we define Discount Rate (in every-day language), outline the most popular ways to estimate a Discount Rate (in and outside...

Net Present Value Part 1 Thumbnail.png

What Does Net Present Value Really Mean?

Category: Fundamentals

Net Present Value carries plenty of weight in corporate finance and capital budgeting decisions. However, for most real estate investors, NPV isn’t applied as...

Present Value Part 1 Thumbnail.png

How Present Value Helps You Decide What To Pay

Category: Fundamentals

Present value is one of the cornerstones of finance and time value of money principles. The theory that helps us determine today’s value of all of tomorrow’s cash flows.

Estimating NOI - Introduction Thumbnail.

How Do You

Estimate Net

Operating Income?

Category: Fundamentals

Net Operating Income is everywhere in commercial real estate. Obviously, it’s used by investors and developers but, believe it or not, it’s also used by lenders and folks in leasing...

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What We're Working On Now And Will Be Adding Shortly

Category: Fundamentals

Calculating Operating Cash Flow

What is a Good Cap Rate?

NOI: Games Seller's Play

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Coming Soon

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