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Commercial real estate investing
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Cash on Cash Return: Should This Replace Cap Rate?

Category: Investing

The cap rate is a cornerstone of commercial real estate analysis. But, it isn't without limitations. Most investors borrow money when they purchase real...

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What Eactly is the Equity Multiple?

Category: Investing

Measuring investment performance, actual or estimated is a big part of commercial real estate. One way is to calculate how much money is earned...

Internal Rate of Return Thumbnail.png

Internal Rate of Return: An Investor’s Best Friend

Category: Investing

A good friend will keep you out of trouble. A good friend will tell you a good story. A good friend will help you make tough choices. IRR is the commercial real estate...

Discount Rate vs IRR Thumbnail.png

What Is The Difference Between Discount Rate and IRR?

Category: Investing

Discount Rates and Internal Rates of Return are like two sides of the same coin. Both help investors make investment decisions. But, they are applied in different ways and

IRR vs Cap Rate Thumbnail.png

What Is The Difference Between IRR and Cap Rate?

Category: Investing

In this episode we compare IRR and Cap Rates, describe the circumstances in which they are applied and explain how, when used together, they provide a more complete

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What is the Floor

Area Ratio in Developemnt?

Category: Investing

Floor Area Ratio is a metric used by municipalities to limit the development intensity of a parcel. FAR measures the relationship between developable area and land area...

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No Floor Area Ratio in the Development Code?

No problem!

Category: Investing

Think of not having an FAR like driving down the highway without a posted speed limit. Just because you don’t see the sign it doesn’t mean you can go as fast as you want. Other metrics...

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What We're Working On Now And Will Be Adding Shortly

Category: Investing

Cap Rate vs CoC vs IRR


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