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All about commercial real estate leasing
Lease Types Part 1 Thumbnail.png

Introduction to CRE Lease Types

Category: Leasing

Ben & Jerry's has a lot of different ice cream flavors. There is a flavor for everyone and every occasion. The same is true for commercial real estate leases...

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The Pros and Cons of Free Rent Concessions

Category: Leasing

Tenants like free rent. Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy getting something for free? When the market is "cold" (tenant-friendly, contracting, high supply...

Leasing Commissions Thumbnail.png

Calculateing Leasing Commissions In Commercial Real Estate

Category: Leasing

In this video we’ll explore why owners should consider hiring a 3rd party leasing agent and how to calculate the commission amount under different payment...

TI Allowance Part 1.png

What is a Tenant Improvement Allowance?

Part 1

Category: Leasing

A TI Allowance is an amount paid by the owner to prepare a space for a new tenant. Many owners gladly pay to improve their space in exchange for a higher rent rate, longer lease...

Triple Net Lease Thumbnail.png

What is a Triple Net Lease in Commercial Real Estate?

Category: Leasing

A triple net (NNN) lease shifts the responsibility of payment (or reimbursement) of operating expenses onto the tenant. In other words, in a NNN lease, the tenant must pay...

Base Stop Lease Thumbnail.png

What is a Base Stop Lease in Commercial Real Estate?

Category: Leasing

This lease type establishes a ceiling or maximum on the amount of responsibility the owner has for operating expenses. The term “stop” in the lease type name comes from...

Expense Reimbursement Thumbnail.png

What is an Expense Reimbursement in Real Estate?

Category: Leasing

Commercial real estate reimbursements define how much of each operating expense a tenant must refund or repay an owner. Different leases call for different...

Common Lease Escalations Thumbnail.png

What Are The Most Popular Lease Escalations in CRE?

Category: Leasing

If income is one of the most important drivers of commercial property value, then lease escalations are one of the most important drivers of income. Unlike residential real estate...

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What We're Working On Now And Will Be Adding Shortly

Category: Leasing

Percentage Rent

Critical Lease Dates

Cold vs Warm Shell

If there's a topic you'd like us to cover, please contact us.

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