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The Universe of 
Commercial Real Estate Loans

How do you know you’ve chosen the right lender or loan?

How does each lender compare on important terms like max LTV, interest rate, and recourse?

What do those terms even mean?!

We help:

  • beginners in commercial real estate go from...

  • not knowing the different kinds of CRE lenders and the pros / cons between them to...

  • knowing how to match the right lender with the right project so...

  • they can save time and money and avoid costly mistakes when financing real estate transactions.


How Can You Use This Today?

You wouldn’t drive on the left side of the road (at least not in the US), you wouldn’t put on your shoes before your pants, and you wouldn’t have dessert before the main course (tempting though). These are general rules we all follow.


For commercial real estate loans, there are similar rules like:

  • “You don’t ask a life insurance company for a construction loan” and

  • “You don’t ask the Agencies to finance the purchase of a warehouse”


Learning which sources of real estate financing match best with different kinds of uses (construction versus permanent), different kinds of property types (multifamily versus office), and different kinds of terms (high/low leverage and no/some flexibility) will help you save weeks of time and millions of dollars in the long run.

What Will You Learn?

  • What are the 8 different kinds of commercial real estate loans including agency, debt funds, CMBS and commercial bank loans?

  • What are the main characteristics that differentiate each loan source including loan term and recourse?

  • How does each lender compare on important terms like max LTV, interest rate, and flexibility?

  • How are different lenders more or less comfortable with different uses of loan funds like construction, renovation (value-add), and permanent financing?

  • How do you compare and choose between loans?

  • How does your strategy help you narrow the options?

Can You Share Course Details?

  • Time of course (duration): about 1 hour

  • Cost of course: USD $1.00

  • Access to course: immediate and forever

  • Prior knowledge: none required

  • Course materials: upon completion, you'll receive a term sheet comparison matrix to make it easier to compare and decide between loans

My name is Alex

I'm part of a team that has invested in, underwritten, financed and developed billions in commercial real estate across the United States. 

I teach real estate for universities and professional organizations.

But most importantly, I get real joy when students tell me they learn and apply what I teach them.

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