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Commercial Real Estate

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If You've Made It This Far:

Thank you!

As you can tell, we're working hard to make a course that will transform how you learn about and work in commercial real estate.

We're working backwards from the goal that you will email us and say that you passed a test or class that led to the degree you wanted, or closed on the deal that led to the vacation you've been dreaming about.

Next Steps:

We know you don't really care about a course. You're looking for something that will take you to the next step in your academic or professional career.

We're putting the finishing touches on this course, keeping that transformation in mind. 

We're looking for 20 beta-testers who want to get the course for 50% off and some personal feedback from me on anything about commercial real estate. 

Don't want to pay anything at all? Get $10 off for each friend you recommend that also signs up.

Click below to sign-up.

No credit card or payment required. This just lets us know you're interested and who to contact when we're done.

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